Mercy Corps influences inclusive education policy in Jordan

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After multiple years of diligent efforts in developing and compiling the Inclusive Education guidelines manual by our team of experts at Mercy Corps, we are very pleased to announce that the guidelines manual has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education, through the Education Planning committee headed by His Excellency the Minister of Education, Dr. Mohammed Kheir Abu Qudais.

This manual is a detailed documentation of the standard operating procedures required to ensure the proper integration of children with disabilities in schools. It supports the implementation of the 10-year Strategy for Inclusive Education that was adopted by the Ministry of Education and the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2020. It provides operational guidance for the Ministry, directorates, schools, staff, and parents to make sure children with disabilities are able to benefit from quality education within the Jordanian education system.

Mercy Corps is proud of this achievement because it is an example of how an international non-governmental organization can partner with the government to implement a policy that serves and supports one of the most vulnerable groups of society: children with disabilities. Mercy Corps will now work with the Ministry of Education to roll out the guidelines manual, making sure that Education Directorates, schools, teachers, and parents have the capacity and tools to ensure the integration of children with disabilities in public schools with appropriate accommodation for their special needs.

The development of the guidelines manual was funded by RTI/ USAID, UKAid, ECHO, UNICEF, and Porticus.

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