Promoting the benefits of greywater systems

A grey water system.

Ms. Sumaya Al Momani is a resident of Sikhra village in Ajoun which suffers from water scarcity. This challenge encouraged Ms. Sumaya to get a greywater system to create an additional water resource at home, through an interest-free loan program that is supported by the USAID funded Water Innovation Technologies Project. “After installing this system, we reduced the frequency of sewage disposal and water now lasts longer,” says Sumaya.

USAID Jordan employs efforts to provide relevant knowledge and services to households and communities to encourage and facilitate their adoption of water saving practices and to conserve water and increase reuse of water. We invite you to watch our testimonial video to promote the benefits of the greywater system, designed by partner the Royal Scientific Society, and provide information about the availability of revolving loans at partner community based organizations to facilitate the adoption of this technology.